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Schwed Antaeos Stiff “C” Files – NEW SIZES 12.5 and 15

Specially Treated Stainless Steel Blade for Extra Firmness. The Stiff Size #06 has the feel of a #10.

Schwed Antaeos “C” files are specially designed for extremely curved or calcified canals.

Their stainless steel shafts are heat treated to give them extra body.


RomiApex ™ A-15

A new Apex Locator with advanced technology and a user friendly design.


  • Dimensions: 55mm Width X 92mm High X 16mm Thickness
  • Weight: 100gr
  • Display Type: Color LCD
  • Display Size: 51mm X 38mm
  • Power Supply: 1 AAA Alkaline Batteries

Product Advantages

  • Advanced Technology
  • Compact size
  • User Friendly design
  • Fully Automatic Measurements
  • High precision of apical foramen localization
  • Works in dry or wet canals
  • Audio feedback with volume control
  • Automatic turn-off

Displayed Numerical Values-Distance to Apex
2.0mm, 1.5mm, 1.0mm, 0.75mm, 0.50mm, 0.25mm, 0.00mm, FO (over Foramen)

Basic Kit Includes

  • RomiApex A-15 locator unit
  • Measuring Cable (1)
  • File Clips (2)
  • Lip Clips (5)
  • Touch Probe (1)

Gonon Universal Post Extractor

The new improved Gonan Universal Post Remover enables the practitioner to remove whole or broken posts from root canals prior to retreatment. It can be used on posts made of steel, gold and stainless steel. The kit is made of stainless steel and comes with four different tool sizes.


Easy Pneumatic Crown & Bridge Remover II


  • Less chance of tooth fracture than traditional crown and bridge removers
  • Restorations removed intact and reusable
  • No porcelain damage
  • Significantly reduced chair time
  • Easy fingertip control
  • Maintenance free
  • Uses a controlled, predictable force
  • Uses a compressed air with adjustable speed force
  • High patient acceptance
  • Requires no anesthesia
  • No need for an assistant
  • Connect directly to 4/5 or 2/3-hole hand piece connector
  • OSHA compliant: fully autoclavable

MAP SYSTEM – Micro-Apical Placement

The MAP Micro-Apical Placement System is the most advanced, efficient method for placing root canal repair materials. Pro-Root MTA, Super EBA, Calcium Hydroxide, amalgam, etc. are examples of materials that can be placed more precisely.

The kit contains specially engineered needles, designed with triple angles, as well as hooked and curved needles for “pin-point” material placement.

RETROGRADE OBTURATION. Used after apical resection for apical placement of material on both anterior and posterior teeth using uniquely designed left and right triple-angle needles. For lower anteriors there are hooked needles for retrograde obduration.

ORTHOGRADE OBTURATION. Curved needles for coronal placement of material in area of perforation, pulp capping and root-end filling.


Luscent Anchor – The Original Patent

The one-stop effective procedure for curing composites within the confines of canals providing anchorage and flawless aesthetics

  • Transmits polymerizing light within the confines of canals
  • Provides the one-stop core anchor foundation with all restorative
  • Reflects natural hues for flawless aesthetic restoration
  • Visible radiolucency in canal and through the core materials
  • Available in 3 diameters to fit very slim and large canals

The resin reinforced fiberglass Luscent Anchors fulfill dentistry’s preference for very strong, non-metallic posts that are consistent with adhesive practice and procedures. The anchors can be placed in large and the smallest canals with conventional adhesive techniques and materials to support the core foundation and aesthetic restorations.

The radiolucent anchors, homogeneously attached to the canal and core material, transmit the tooth color without being visible under most adverse light conditions. They also provide a sound core-crown gingival interface radiating natural color through soft and hard tissues surrounding teeth.


Twin Luscent Anchor – The New Standard

Twice the Invention, Twice the Retention!

Dentatus is raising the standard of excellence with the Twin Luscent Anchors. This innovative design is your visible assurance against accidental debonding of adhesive and resin-core materials. The slim mid-section creates a “physical choke.” The vent groove eliminates air resin entrapment and prevents rotational dislocation. It all adds up to a winning combination of light transmission, attractive esthetics and twice the retention.


Simple Techniques

luscent_techniques01 luscent_techniques02 luscent_techniques03 luscent_techniques04



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