Guttapercha Points

Schwed NanoFlow™ Guttapercha Points

All Schwed NanoFlow™ Gutta Percha Cones are now precision machine made instead of hand rolled. With this new technology points can be made to custom match the geometry of each major NITI rotary file system. Each point incorporates the following features:

  • Made of NanoFlow™ Gutta Percha the point is denser and has smoother handling.
  • NanoFlow™ GP has slight flow character, with lower working temperature for an ideal 3D obturation.
  • The material will not stick to root canal condensers.
  • Each point has multiple tapers: the tightest fitting from 0-3mm, and then gradually reduced.
  • From 16mm on, there is 0% taper, so there is no false contact in other regions of the canal.
  • Each point has a flat tip to provide more accurate tug back sensation
  • Each point is color coded for size.


Description Taper Pieces Per
20 25 30 35 40 50 Asst.
Schwed NanoFlow™ GP
.04 60 49-04/20 499-04/25 499-04/30 499-04/35 499-04/40 499-04/50 499-04/2040
Schwed NanoFlow™ GP
.06 60 499-06/20 499-06/25 499-06/30 499-06/35 499-06/40 499-06/2040


Description Taper Pieces Per
1 2 3 4 5 Asst.
Schwed NanoFlow™ GP Points PTU 60 499-PTU-F1 499-PTU-F2 499-PTU-F3 499-PTU-F4 499-PTU-F5 499-PTU-F1-F5

Schwed NanoFlow™ Guttapercha Points are among the most popular endodontic filing materials. They are extremely compressible and dimensionally stable. NanoFlow™ Guttapercha points are well tolerated by tissue and are radiopaque. Standardized points are used in a lateral condensation technique. Our Schwed brand gutta-percha is formulated to be stiffer for easier insertion into the canal.

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