Sterilization Boxes

Sterilization Boxes

Schwed Antaeos Endodontic Storage Units

The greatest risk of contamination occurs in the operating area. Today’s infection control mandates the sterilization of instruments after each patient regardless of whether they were used or not. Since most routine endo cases do not require more than 24 instruments, our Solo Endo Caddy (ITEM No.471) eliminates the need to sterilize instruments you have not used. The system is modular and can be expanded if the need arises.


  • The step module designs provide direct access to each instrument.
  • Each row can be marked with exchangeable tags showing the working length or instrument type.
  • Each Socket 18 module (ITEM No. 402) comes with a gauge.
  • Easy access to every instrument
  • Sensible
  • Easy to use
  • Glare-free
  • Anti-static
  • Durable
  • Easy case
  • Compact


Description Box Contents Item#
Solo Endo Caddy 2000 Standard Step-24 481
Solo Endo Caddy 2001 Perforated Step-24 471
Solo Endo Caddy 2000 Standard Socket-8 482
Solo Endo Caddy 2001 Perforated Socket-8 472
Basic Box 2000 Standard Step-48 451
Basic Box 2001 Perforated Step-48 441
Basic Box 2000 Standard Socket-18 452
Basic Box 2001 Perforated Socket-18 442
Basic Box 201 Perforated 1 Step-24 & 1 Socket 8 446-A
Basic Box 201 Perforated 2 Step-24’s 446-B
Basic Box 201 Perforated 2 Socket-8’s 446-C
Step Module 24 Stand Only Step-24 403
Step Module 8 Stand Only Socket 8 404
Step Module 48 Stand Only Step-48 401
Socket Module 18 Stand & Gauge Socket 18 + Gauge 402
Semi-Box 2000 Standard Empty Box, Fits 2 401 402’s 410
Solo Storage Box Perforated Empty Box, Fits 1 403 404’s 470
Basic Storage Box Perforated Empty Box, Fits 2 403 404’s 440

* Boxes and modules are made of high-quality medical grade synthetic materials which are resistant to chemicals and are heat proof up to 250 degrees C, 480 degrees F.


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