About Us

As a small, family-owned company, we treat YOU with A+ customer service.

Welcome to the Family, Where You Are #1!

Since 1952, Charles B. Schwed Co., LLC (prior to 2018 Charles B. Schwed Co. Inc.), has supplied dentists with superior endodontic instruments and other quality dental products. Customers have learned through the years of trouble-free purchasing that our service is fast and dependable, our products are the finest, and our prices are more than competitive.

In 2018, Charles B. Schwed Co., Inc. was purchased by Mats Engstrom, changed to Charles B. Schwed Co., LLC and moved to Connecticut. With the passing of Mats in 2020, Charles B. Schwed was retained by his wife, Karen. His sister-in-law Sue St. Hilaire and his son Tim Engstrom can be found in the office running the company that continues to serve customers with a warm welcome as only a family can do!